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PP Andaman Legacy Resort

PP Andaman Legacy Resort

Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort is located on the Ton Sai Bay, Phi Phi Don Island and it takes only 7-10 minutes by walk along the beach from the pier. The resort is naturally blending its exotic garden near a clear swimming pool.

The building is decorated by combination of Thai and Western styles. We have 2 separated zones, categorized by 18 pool views, 18 mountain views and 20 bungalows.

Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort offers a wide selection of facilities and recreations for travelers of all ages, to maximize all levels of comfort:
- featuring sport gym for sport lovers;
- internet center for business executives;
- beach party and activities for the ones who sleep late.

We also provide the Thai-style elegant meeting rooms and private party venue for group seminar with full amenities. Furthermost, we offer all accomodation in an inexpensive price. Due to very high demand during November to April every year, your early booking is highly appreciated.

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